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About Port Artur Haldus


Port Artur Haldus OÜ was founded as the subsidiary of Port Artur Group in 2003. The principal area of activity of Port Artur Haldus OÜ is the administration and valuation of the real estate belonging to the enterprises of Port Artur Group. The basic service that the enterprise offers is the administration of Port Artur shopping centres located in the centre of Pärnu. Moreover, the enterprise aims at creating and developing a trading environment in the centres. In addition to the shopping centres, Port Artur Haldus OÜ administers two building complexes located at Lai Street 10 and Turba Street 2 in Pärnu City.


The mission of Port Artur Haldus OÜ is to ensure a constantly developing customer friendly environment, the staying and shopping in which is a pleasant activity. The following principles are proceeded from upon creating the environment:

  • Focus on customers – Port Artur Haldus OÜ depends on its customers and therefore needs to comprehend the present and future needs of the customers. In our work, we attempt to meet the customers’ requirements and to surpass the customers’ expectations. The satisfaction of our customers is the warranty of our success.
  • Leadership – the managers of Port Artur Haldus OÜ create the integrity of objectives i.e. an internal environment in which the employees can contribute as much as possible to the development of the enterprise. 
  • Competent and trained staff – the staff working for Port Artur Haldus OÜ has received an appropriate training, education and experience in order to achieve the best result;
  • Staff motivation – the core of Port Artur Haldus OÜ are its employees. Participation of the staff in the achievement of company objectives in all respects enables to use the potential of the company for the benefit of the company and its employees.
  • Constant improvement – the lasting goal of Port Artur Haldus OÜ is constant improvement.
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