Description of the building

The planned building shall be located on the riverbank between the old and the new bridge from one side and connects the new city centre of Pärnu (the area between Pikk Street and Lai Street) with the area by the river from other side. The size of the planned building is approximately 79,000 m². The building itself would have 4 storeys and a 17-storey high-rise building designed as a hotel would rise on the eastern side.

The building has been planned as a multifunctional complex, the idea of which is one building comprised of several parts and functions. The basic function of the building is a trade centre which is located in the horizontal part of the building. Trading and service areas are situated on the first and second floor. Restaurants, bars, cafes, a night club, a casino and recreational areas (spa, health care, body care) remain on the side of the building facing the river and open on the terrace towards the river.

Office spaces and conference centre are planned on the top floor of the centre and open towards north and south.

Multiplex cinema with six halls is located on the third and fourth floor. The cinema can be accessed in front of the building from Lai Street and from inside of the building.

The façade towards Lai Street has been combined with concrete basement floor and glass. A car park with approximately 600 spaces has been planned on the basement floor.

The car park situated on the basement floor of the high-rise building has been designed to service the hotel and the apartments. Hotel lobby reaching through three floors starts from the first floor of the high-rise building. The spaces planned in the high-rise building open mainly towards south and west, thus overlooking the river and riverbanks.

Promenade, public city square, terraces and a park form a green area that surrounds the building and can be used to organize different events around the year.

An atrium is located in the centre of the building; it has a glass roof that protects from the outside weather and renders natural light to the interior of the building. The internal square is surrounded by different balconies and passages on different levels.

The building complex together with greenery forms an integrated area which could be turned into an important place of interest for Pärnu as a city of tourism.

The surroundings of Port Artur quarter are turning into a new city centre of Pärnu. This area shall be completed within two up to four years.