Port Artur 2 is the most central and modern shopping centre of the city. Due to the excellent location and well considered solution of the building, the shopping centre shall remain the most visited shopping centre in Pärnu.


The marketing activities performed by the enterprises and the administration of the centre contribute to the development of the most modern and central shopping centre of the city. The marketing activities are coordinated by a common working group.


The logical construction of the building makes movement in the centre simple and pleasant for the client. The different floors have been designed to follow a certain theme, thus creating a certain atmosphere which makes it easier for the customers to find the shop or a catering facility that they are looking for.


The biggest catering facilities are on the first and third floor. A catering facility offering a quick service is located on the first floor whereas on the third floor there is a catering facility promoting slow food.


All businesses located in the centre have the same opening and closing times.


The visitors can leave their cars in the parking lot located on the side of Lai Street or in the two parking lots located on the area between Port Artur 1 and Port Artur 2. In addition, a parking house with approximately 600 spaces has been planned in the vicinity of Port Artur shopping centres. There should be nearly 1,000 parking spaces in the area in total.


Two risers for vertical movement (elevators and stairs) have been planned into the building, one of which is located at the atrium that crosses the centre and the other one in the older part of the building at the side of Ringi Street. The businesses of each floor are located next to the promenade(s) crossing the shopping centre and around the internal atrium. The shop windows of businesses open towards the internal street and are clearly visible to the visitors.


Basement floor

The basement floor can be accessed from the side of Aia Street from Lai Street as well as Aida Street. The third entrance is inside the building through the first floor.


Service providing businesses and shops offering electronic products are located on the basement floor.


First Floor

Food store and several shops offering convenience goods as well as the beauty department including different perfume and beauty product sellers are located on the first floor.


Second floor – fashion floor

An internal street crosses the floor around which well-known clothing and footwear brand shops have been gathered.


Third floor – home, family and spare time

All products connected with home and family have been gathered on the third floor: children’s goods (wardrobe products, toys, school products), furnishing and sports goods. In addition to the shops, the third floor includes a catering facility and a book store with a café.