Description of the building

The architect of Port Artur 2 shopping centre is Andres Siim, the engineering-technological part has been designed by Pärnu EKE Projekt and Ants Tolli has performed the design of common areas. From the side facing Ringi Street, the building has three floors and from the side facing Aia Street breakthrough, it has eight floors. The basement floor and the first three floors are occupied by commercial and service areas whereas the remaining four floors have been planned as office spaces. The overall area of the building is more than 19,000 m² of which the sales area comprises approximately 11,000 m².


Considering the architectural form, it is a rational, compact and functional building. The general volume of the building is cuboid and the office part has been planned as a separate volume on top of the part facing Aia Street. The main entrances are emphasised by vertical window surfaces in the entire extent of the building. The facades of the building are illustrated by advertising surfaces which have been planned onto the building.